Alyn and Deeside needs quality affordable housing

Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Alyn and Deeside Donna Lalek has called for more quality affordable housing provision in Alyn and Deeside.

As part of the progressive agreement with the Welsh Government, the Welsh Liberal Democrats secured funding for an additional 20,000 affordable homes across Wales over the course of this Assembly. Flintshire County Council must make sure Alyn and Deeside gets its fair share of affordable housing.

Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Alyn and Deeside Donna Lalek said:

Safe, affordable housing is essential to a good quality of life, yet too many people across Alyn and Deeside are stuck with sub-standard, insecure housing. How can you study effectively if your house is too cold or has damp? How can you get a good job if you can’t afford housing near your work? Everyone in Alyn and Deeside deserves a warm, safe, affordable and secure home.

Thanks to funding secured by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Alyn and Deeside has the opportunity to create a new generation of quality, affordable housing. I urge Flintshire County Council to make sure Alyn and Deeside builds its fair share of new affordable housing.  

Housing can play a key role in developing community energy projects. Across Wales we’re already seeing innovative pilots highlighting the potential for housing to generate renewable energy and cut energy bills. We need to monitor these pilots closely and if successful, replicate them in Alyn and Deeside.

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